Just wanna post this again.

3 Years of Monstercat, i’ve followed the label for 2 and a half of them. I owe them my sanity and happiness to this damn day. I found one of the early compilations while in a horrible depression, and ever since, i’ve loved everything that’s come out. I Made some good friends, found some astonishing and insanely amazing artists who to this day have not stopped making such incredible music, who I also thank for sharing such amazing music with not just me but everyone who’ll listen!

3 years down. Here’s to many many more. Thank you Monstercat <3


A random U2 album was added to my iTunes library as iCloud songs (like it had to download/stream them when I clicked play).  Added it to one of my main playlists and it said it would have to download them to the computer to do so - and did.  I guess I just got a free album?

EDIT: Okay nvm, I checked the store and it’s a thing they did.  Free album.  Neato.

Does Mollfie or someone else use your account?